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A Network Designed to Connect

With ESLA membership, you’ll gain access to incredible industry resources that can advance your work.  Our association introduces you to a network of business peers, allowing you to build relationships and opportunities.

With Membership,

You’ll Receive:

  • Association of Industry Contacts
  • Resource For:
    • Industry Statistics
    • Travel Trends
    • Market Analytics
    • Webinars
    • Events
  • Insights From Top Hospitality Professionals

Membership Types

Owner/Licenses Developer $250/Year

Who Qualifies:  Owner/Operator of Extended Stay Hotels and Resorts.

Key Benefits:

  • Educational webinars on broad topics
  • General Segment Reviews
  • Specific Best Practices – Development through Operation education
  • GM Webinars
  • Certification programs building to CESE (Certified Extended State Executive)
  • Link to franchise sales teams of your choice
  • Industry statistical update
  • Peer sharing and chat

Vendor $1,000/Year

Who Qualifies: Extended Stay Hotel Supplier

Key Benefits:

  • Email opportunity to Owners on paid basis through ESLA Adminstration
  • Opportunity to conduct approved webinar topics to guide Owners
  • Access to all educational webinars and webinar library

Partner Membership $1,000/Year

Who Qualifies: National Hotel Brands & Managment Companies of Extended Stay Hotels

Key Benefits:

  • Brand awareness within the extended stay community
  • Opportunities for membership mailings through ESLA administration
  • Owner’s ability to link franchise sales team
  • Website articles and content opportunities
  • Includes 5 members and access to ESLA website, additional members cost would be $250/member.

Students - FREE

Who Qualifies:  Must be a student at Certified Hospitality School and have a .edu e-mail address

Key Benefits:

  • Complimentary access with school approval
    • To be accepted as a student registration must be made with your “.edu” email address.
  • Access to all webinars and webinar library
  • Website access for industry data and segment updates

Become A Member

If you’re interested in joining a network of experts and connecting with industry partners, we encourage you to become a member of ESLA today!